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Vilkun berries


Our passion for more than 15 years is to select and transform the best berries from Chile through innovative processes. We offer dehydrated, freeze-dried and frozen berries.

Quality food for the new world

Pioneers in innovation in the fruit industry, at Vilkun we seek to surprise our customers with a varied selection of the best fruit.
New products of origin such as maqui and murta have their place next to the usual favourite berries and fruits, coming out to the world as infused/dehydrated, freeze-dried and

Our History

Vilkun has its origins in entrepreneurship and innovation, when Sandra Bock, the current manager of the company, dared to venture into a hitherto unexplored niche: dehydrated and sugar-infused fruit, successfully developing innovative products on a small scale. In 2009 she announced the company was looking for investors, and that was when Ignacio del Río approached her, learned about the innovative portfolio and proposed to join forces as Vilkun. In 2011 a great investment was made and a unique production facility was built, perfecting the techniques of dehydration/infusion in apple and sugar, freeze-drying, and freezing, multiplying the production and becoming pioneers of these products in the region.

Our Company

Our 140 workers make up a brand that rescues the magic of its environment to bring a fruit that, in addition to complying with all the certifications, retains much of the nutritional properties to go out to the main markets of the world.

Our Products

We implement our production processes in a facility with state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to offer superior quality products, set global consumption trends and have the necessary certifications to export healthy and tasty products to different markets.